Wireless Internet Service
Our wireless internet service is provided from communication towers in your area directly to a radio mounted on the outside of your home.
You will need to have a reasonably clear view of our tower in order to be able to receive service.

Speeds are not guaranteed and are dependent on several factors including weather as well as amount of trees blocking your view of the tower.

There is a $100 installation fee due the day of the install. 

$55/mo: Up to 10Mbps download, 2Mbps upload
$75/mo: Up to 25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload
Areas currently served:
Rose Bud: County Line Road area and NW into Cleburne County along Lone Star Rd area.
Judsonia: Hwy 157 between Judsonia city and US67/167, Hwy 157 North of US67 going past Yankee Rd, Southern Yankee Rd
Judsonia: area of CW Road (Hwy13)